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4N6XPRT StifCalcs®
Force Balance Analysis Service

        The 2011 version of 4N6XPRT StifCalcs®   contains a Force Balance module -

        The Force Balance approach to Stiffness values is based on the concept of " Equal and Opposite Forces" in combination with the assumption that one of the vehicles involved has a good set of Stiffness values based on testing.

        There are essentially only TWO requirements in order to use a Force Balance approach, and they are:

Beyond these two requirements, the QUALITY of your calculation results will be impacted by :

While the Force Balance analysis CAN be run with degraded information in the above three areas, the quality of the results will also be degraded, sometimes significantly so.

        As an extension of our Individual Vehicle Data Search Service, we have now added Force Balance Analysis runs to our services.   An order form with pricing can be downloaded from this link.

        With respect to the Order Form -

        A)   Please be SPECIFIC on the vehicle make and model, including drive wheels, bed length, etc.
        B)    The Curb Weight used will come from Expert AutoStats unless you specify some other weight
        C)   The PDOF Lever Arm default length is 0 inches
        D)   The Angle of Collision Force to Normal Force default value is 0 degrees
        E)    If no Crush Spacing is indicated, equal spacing will be used. 

        If you have any specific questions, please be sure to call. 

Download Force Balance Analysis Order Form

Download Software Order Form

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StifCalcs NOW Contains a FORCE-BALANCE calculation module!!!


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