Accident Reconstruction Software & Investigation Software

Gathering the most up to date information regarding vehicle accidents and reconstruction can be a time-consuming, if not altogether impossible, task. Detailed information that you need pushed to your screen becomes a reality when using one of our revolutionary accident reconstruction programs from 4N6XPRT Systems.

The forensic side of researching car stiffness values, auto specs, and so much more has never been more accessible. 4N6XPRT Systems' accident reconstruction software helps you to reliably evaluate and analyze accident information with some of the easiest, most trusted, and most cost-efficient software you can find in the industry today.

Vehicle accident investigation software involves a multitude of studies and comprehensive reports that can be confusing to someone who isn't properly trained. Our system breaks down the information so you can digest it quickly. Learn about vehicle data, crush data, ABG stiffness values, and more with these programs.

Experts in law enforcement, insurance, and risk analysis have utilized the crucial information available through our system. For over ten years, GM risk analysts have been using these services! Both civil and criminal attorneys have based their defenses on the results we provide.

Contact us today to learn how we can provide you with accurate and invaluable data regarding vehicle accident investigation.

4N6XPRT StifCalcs puts the NHTSA Crash Test database on your computer, WITHOUT AN INTERNET CONNECTION. Just access the database to develop A-B-G and Crush Factor stiffness values anytime of the day, any day of the week, as long as your computer is "up and running".

As of its powerful 2013 release, EXPERT AUTOSTATS, one of our most popular programs, provides dimensional data on over 43,000 automobiles, vans, utility vehicles, and pick-up trucks intended for sale in the United States. A limited number of models intended for sale elsewhere are also included.

Count on 4N6XPRT Systems' accident reconstruction software to help you reliably and efficiently evaluate and analyze accident information with some of the easiest, most trusted and most cost-efficient software you can find in the industry today.

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"This software is very worthwhile, constantly being improved, and is formidable tool in my and my firms arsenal. I heartily recommend these products, and the cheerful, competent, and friendly assistance that comes with them." - John Howell ACTAR 1543
"On a regular basis we utilize 4N6XPRT's Expert AutoStats, Expert VIN DeCoder and 4N6XPRT StifCalcs programs. It's great having these tools to work with." - James A. 'Jim" Moore JAM/MVA, Inc.